Mission Teams June 9-14

This week Crucified Ministries is hosting their first youth mission team. They’ll be busy helping out community and growing in their faith here in Johnstown. They always need a hand, so take a look at the schedule below and see how you can pitch in this week.

Thursday night at 6:30pm is a great chance to help out and start a conversation with those in our community as Crucified hosts the Broken Dinner. It’s hosted at Franklin Street United Methodist and we hope that you’ll join them.

Operation Barnabas 2019

One of our Veracity students, JoAnn Saloga , is planning on joining Operation Barnabas and we want to make sure she can attend this amazing program. Operation Barnabas is a three week high school summer ministry training program equipping students to live on mission through evangelism training, character development, and servant-leadership. We hope that you’ll pray and support JoAnn this Spring as she prepares spiritually and financially. If you’d like to help her with a donation you can do so on the Operation Barnabas website.

Here is JoAnn in her own words:


What Care means at Liberty Grace

At Liberty Grace, the Care Ministry is our chance live out the words of Apostle Paul:

For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. – Galatians 5:13 (ESV)

We get to do this for our congregation and our community! Our volunteers are blessed to provide meals to new parents, support for families facing medical issues or loss, notes of encouragement, or serving others as various other opportunities arise. 

For more information, contact us at libertycares@graceinrichland.com.

Needs for Travis in Haiti

Our friend Travis Knipple, missionary to Haiti, has a few needs right now and we would like to signal boost his post. You can read the full story at his website or just look down this list and then contact Travis with how you can help. Thank you for your help.

From Travis:

Working with us from the U.S.:
*******ASAP, U.S.A. based projects*******
A generator project in Johnstown, PA.
We have been donated an Onan 30.0EK-15R generator, but it needs converted from natural gas to propane before we can ship it to Haiti.
We have shipping lined up from Alabama, but want to make sure it’s ready before we ship it.
This is an urgent need. I have some information about what parts need put on, and it may take someone with some mechanical experience. Please let me know if you can help.

-We’re looking to set up F1 Engineering as an independent 501c3. We have been a missions branch of Crucified Church for a long time, but some of our donations, like from Lincoln Electric, can only go to a 501c3 registered organization.
-We also need someone who can do data entry into our accounting software. Basically, just take a pile of receipts and enter their information and a scan and/or picture of them into the computer. My dad can continue to handle things after that point, but it would lessen his load significantly as he is overworked right now.

Graphic Design:
-I would love to be able to give the guys business cards. I have the capability to do it, but I don’t have time. If I give information, can someone make up some business cards for Gayly, Waly, and Anderson and I’ll get them printed up.

Electronics Engineering: (both of these will be implemented as soon as done. They could start helping systems
-We are experiencing a great need for a “simple” project. We need to put a current transducer on our battery banks, with a load diversion relay that will trigger automatically when the current into the batteries breaks the maximum threshold.

-Another simple project…A system to take 8 battery voltages (nominal 6V) and trigger a warning light if any of the batteries is higher or lower than the average.

-Building a data logging system to collect information on our installations to enable better troubleshooting and improve our future designs.
-Specifically will need someone to code a microcontroller to gather timestamped signals from ~20-30 inputs and probably a second person who would be in charge of doing the pre-processing of inputs to meet the voltage levels of the onboard ADC’s.

Accounting/Expense Tracking:
-I need someone to help me setup an accounting system, or explain to me some best practices. As of now, I end up with a stack of unorganized receipts that pile up until they look like a 2 ton weight that I can’t deal with. Ideally, it would be nice to be able to track funds on a missions credit card, checking account, paypal account, and shipping account all in a quick view.

Help with Project in Haiti:

*******September/early October 2018**********
-Pouring concrete for our driveway. We are starting to gather materials, but could use help in the near-ish future with site prep (leveling, sloping, forming) and the actual concrete work.

*******Sept, Oct, or Dec 2018*******
-1999 Chevy 3500, 5.4l V8, Dually, auto (need to diagnose before November 2018 to figure out next steps)
-Stuck in 2nd(?) gear. Runs fine, but never shifts.

-2000 Isuzu Trooper
-Undiagnosed issue. On first start of the morning, will not idle until after a 1-2 minute period of revving at about 2k. Works fine afterwards. Replaced MAF sensor, but did not fix issue..

-2002 Ford F150, 5.7l, auto (would like to fix this truck to sell by the end of 2018)
-Electrical issue disabled the scanner port.

—All vehicles—
-Maintenance on all brake systems and suspension (perpetual needs, anytime a mechanic is available)

***********Winter 2018/Spring 2019****************
General Construction: (before summer 2019)
-Framing rafters on our house and putting on sheet metal roofing. Simple purlin style, open gables. Purpose is to shade our concrete roof from the sun to reduce internal temperatures in our house.
–In turn, this will reduce utility bills, including gas for our generators
-Expanding the roof on the workshop to cover our expanded driveway space.

Missionary Travis Knipple at Crucified, March 8th 6:30pm

Our friend Travis Knipple will be speaking on Thursday March 8th, 6:30pm at Crucified Ministries. More info can be found on the Facebook even page. Travis and his family are missionaries in Haiti providing technical support to local ministries and fellow missionaries. Right now he's state side collecting supplies and support preparing to return. The next phase of his ministry includes training some of the local men so they can also provide technical assistance in solar instillation and electrical repair. Travis has a list of specific items that he will need for his ministry in Haiti if you would like to help. He also has an Amazon wish list that allows you to buy for them directly. Please go hear what he has to say and talk to him about the work that God has for him in Haiti. 


Support Dawson Rough

Liberty has a chance to love and support a young man named Dawson in Maryland and we hope you’ll join us. A nephew of Kathy Bidelman, Dawson is 14, has already had one surgery and requires additional major surgery on his legs. After the surgery his recovery time will be nearly 16 weeks. While he heals we’d like to send him some small gifts or snacks to help him pass the time and find a little comfort. If you would like to help, you can direct cards or packages to:

PO Box 1, Meyersdale PA 15552

Some food items Dawson enjoys:
KitKat, Dove chocolates, jerky, caramel, Lays chips, Snyder chips.
Gift card ideas:
Subway, iTunes, Amazon, Chick-fil-a

Thank you for help and willingness to share God’s love.