Support Dawson Rough

Liberty has a chance to love and support a young man named Dawson in Maryland and we hope you’ll join us. A nephew of Kathy Bidelman, Dawson is 14, has already had one surgery and requires additional major surgery on his legs. After the surgery his recovery time will be nearly 16 weeks. While he heals we’d like to send him some small gifts or snacks to help him pass the time and find a little comfort. If you would like to help, you can direct cards or packages to:

PO Box 1, Meyersdale PA 15552

Some food items Dawson enjoys:
KitKat, Dove chocolates, jerky, caramel, Lays chips, Snyder chips.
Gift card ideas:
Subway, iTunes, Amazon, Chick-fil-a

Thank you for help and willingness to share God’s love.