1. Find Your Gethsemane - Pastor Doug Black

Sacred Pathways  is all about connecting to God and how we relate to God. These aren't different pathways to Salvation, but ways to be more intimately connected to the God who has saved us. 

2. The Naturalist - Associate Pastor Ben Long

The Naturalist feels closest to God when surrounded by what He has created - the mountains, the forests, or the sea. In this sermon, Pastor Ben discusses the goodness of nature and how it can draw us closer to God.

3. Traditionalist And Enthusiast - Pastor Doug Black

Pastor Doug Black continues the Sacred Pathways series contrasting the Traditionalist and the Enthusiast.  These two pathways may clash in style, but are important partners when working toward the same goal.

4. Sensate and Ascetic - Pastor Doug Black

In the next segment of the Sacred Pathways series, Pastor Doug Black compares the styles of the Sensate and the Ascetic.  The sensate draws close to God by engaging senses of sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste.  The ascetic prefers to simplify life as much as possible to focus solely on Christ and avoid distraction.