Sacred Pathway: Sensate and Ascetic

In the next segment of the Sacred Pathways series, Pastor Doug Black compares the styles of the Sensate and the Ascetic.  The sensate draws close to God by engaging senses of sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste.  The ascetic prefers to simplify life as much as possible to focus solely on Christ and avoid distraction.

Verses for the week.

Sensates -
1. Go to a place of solitude at sunrise or sunset - process the environment through what you; see - hear- smell - taste - feel.

2. find a space relatively free from distraction, use an audio version of the bible and listen to Genesis 1, light a candle with an outdoor aroma - allow your senses to lead you through the account. 

Ascetics -
1. Listen to some worship music or audio bible in the dark, alone - just you and God. 

2. Simplify your life in some area. Clean out something or reevaluate your use of time/talent/treasure - this is about refocus on what God wants us to be doing.  

3. Carry an item that reminds you of something God has/is doing. When you touch it, be thankful.