1 Thessalonians

We Outta Here!

The fourth chapter of 1 Thessalonians ends by referring to the rapture.  Many times, this event is used as a way to scare people into trusting in Christ.  Paul uses the rapture as a way to give hope to our day-to-day lives, and to motivate us into sharing the love of Christ with others.


Pastor Doug takes us through the first eight verses of I Thessalonians Chapter 4.  This week, he challenges us to look at God's instruction on purity and holiness as guardrails to protect us from harm, rather than keep us from temporary pleasures on the other side.

Not Only the Gospel

This week, Pastor Doug looks into the second chapter of 1 Thessalonians.  Paul begins by showing that we are all in the family of God.  As such, we know that we are not called to go through life alone.  Paul realized that he would have opposition and suffering as he presented the gospel, but the hope in Christ and the church would prove to help his ministry.

Becoming a Model

This week, Pastor Doug shows us that the church in Thessalonica had modeled themselves after Paul, as Paul was modeling himself after Christ.  In so doing, the church had gone through persecution, but had become known throughout the known world for turning away from idolatry and toward the one true God.  What idols do we have in our own lives that take our focus away from the Lord?  If we change what is in our hearts, the true fruits of the Spirit will show through.