Persecuted For Righteousness' Sake

After a few weeks away from the Beatitudes, Pastor Ben looks at the idea of being persecuted.  While this can be an uncomfortable idea, it is important to realize that persecution for Christ can still be felt in the world.  It is important to remember that not all persecution is for the sake of righteousness, and we should be careful to examine ourselves during difficult seasons.  If we stay true to Christ, we can expect to stand out in a world that persecutes those who are different.

The Peacemakers

Jesus tells us that we have a message of peace to take to the world. If we know who Jesus is and what he has done for us then we have an obligation to carry this message to the world. We're not to worry about the outcomes or responses from those who hear the message. Those are in God's control and our job is to just share what Christ has done. 


This past Sunday we took our morning service outside. It was a beautiful, warm day to sit and hear a sermon from pastor Doug. He continued our series on the Beatitudes and spoke on meekness. We recorded the audio of the sermon but I'm afraid it's a bit noisy. While the breeze felt nice for those of us sitting there, the wind did a number on the audio recording.

All that to say this recording isn't up to our normal standards, but you can still hear Doug over all the static. So if you missed out on Sunday, here is a scratchy sermon. Thanks for listening! 

Those Who Mourn

Matthew 5:4 is often used to comfort somebody who has lost a loved one.  This week, Pastor Ben teaches that the context for this verse should make us look at our own sin and realize the suffering it has caused.  This should make us mourn for ourselves and those we've hurt with our sin.  Jesus teaches that we are to take time to allow for healing.  This true healing can only come through repentance and seeking Christ.  We are blessed in this mourning because it causes humility and turns us toward a relationship with God.