Ben Long


As we start into the Christmas season, Pastor Ben looks at the idea that we are to have hope in the coming of Christ. He takes us through the hope that the Old Testament prophets had as they wrote about His coming as a baby into our world. In a world with so much tragedy, is our hope also in Christ?

Be Present

Pastor Ben talks about redeeming a very present tool in our lives. He shows how our smart phones can be a distraction from the things that God may call us to. Instead, we are urged to keep in mind that our phones are gifts from God and that we should use them to His glory.

The Story of the Bible

While studying the Bible on a book-by-book basis or on a specific issue, we need to keep the entire story of the Bible in mind.  Pastor Ben walks us through the overall continuity of the Bible as a story of God's love and redemption for us.

Biblical Worldview

As we are called to bring the love of Christ into the world, we will come across a lot of complicated issues.  We need to be prepared to stand firm in the face of these difficulties.  This week, Pastor Ben teaches that we are called to understand that sin has corrupted God's ideals for the world.  Because of this, we need redemption.  Sharing this redemption with others is what will ultimately show Christ's love.