Do Hard Things

Love Those Around You

After Saul's conversion on the road to Damascus, he went to the home of Ananias and scales fell from his eyes so that he could see again.  This week, Josh Knipple challenges us to ask that the Lord removes the scales from our own eyes.  We need to start by seeing our need for Christ in our lives.  Along with that, we need to see the needs of others.  Who is the Holy Spirit bringing into our lives on a daily basis?  How can we look into the communities around us and bring change into the lives of those who may need it most?

Be a Leader

This week, Pastor Ben teaches what it means to take on the leadership roles that God has given to us.  While we may not have a formal position of leadership, we need to look around to see the people that look to us for guidance.  We need to take these relationships and steer people toward Christ.


The parable of the sower and the seeds is often used to prepare us for reactions that we will receive from people in the world when we try to show them to love of Jesus.  This week, Pastor Doug challenges us to examine our hearts as soil.  We need to be willing to put in the hard work to soften our hearts to be fruitful for Christ.

Pleasurable Prioritization

God has given us many things in life so we can enjoy His creation.  What if we were put in this time and place not just to enjoy what He has given to us, but to bring glory to Him?

This week, Pastor Doug asks us to consider that we should find pleasure in prioritizing our day around bringing glory to Jesus, instead of prioritizing the day in finding pleasure.