Doug Black

The Parable of the Prodigal Son

The parable of the prodigal son is often seen through the lens of God’s mercy toward us as sinners. Pastor Doug, however, challenges us to see this story through the eyes of the older son, who had remained at home with his father. As the church, we are called to show the same grace to others that we have received through Christ.

Why Israel?

Please pray for Pastor Doug as he will be travelling to Israel in a few weeks. This week, however, he looks at a few of the questions that people tend to have regarding Israel’s role in God’s plan.

Faithful To His Word

A large reason that God wants us to follow His word is so that we can pass it along to other generations and into eternity. Pastor Doug shows that we are always showing somebody what we truly believe it means to be a Christian, and we need to teach by example.

Faithful to God

Pastor Doug introduces us to the concept of faith, and asks what we put our faith in. We are challenged to make sure that our faith is in Christ and what He has done for us. What does it mean to live every moment in faith, and why is it important that we allow our faith to live out in our lives?


We have been called to be set apart for the Lord in the way we look at the world. When we actually look out at the problems around us, however, it can be difficult to keep the joy to which we have been called. Pastor Doug teaches that we may not have the whole picture of God’s plan. We can find our joy in amazement of our Creator and in anticipation of how we can be used for His glory.


When we face the challenges in our lives, fear is a typical reaction that we have. Thanks be to our Father in Heaven who can give us peace in the face of our fears. We can have this peace because we know that God is in charge of our lives. Pastor Doug takes us through three scenarios where people could have been overcome by fear, but knew that God was with them. We can have this same peace when we trust that He is in control when things don’t make sense to us. We may not know His plan now - or in our lifetime, but we will know on the other side of eternity.