Josh Knipple

Live On Purpose: Invite and Go

This week, Pastor Doug begins by speaking about the need to both know the Bible as well as to go out and act upon it in the world.  He invites Josh Knipple to speak about living every day for the word of God.  Josh emphasizes the idea of inviting people to come with us, as well as the need to reach people where they are.  Pastor Doug wraps up with the idea that giving our time, talent, and treasure is something that we need to do on purpose.  If we don't, these things won't happen.

Love Those Around You

After Saul's conversion on the road to Damascus, he went to the home of Ananias and scales fell from his eyes so that he could see again.  This week, Josh Knipple challenges us to ask that the Lord removes the scales from our own eyes.  We need to start by seeing our need for Christ in our lives.  Along with that, we need to see the needs of others.  Who is the Holy Spirit bringing into our lives on a daily basis?  How can we look into the communities around us and bring change into the lives of those who may need it most?

Looking Like Jesus

This week, Josh Knipple challenges us to consider what it means to become more and more like Jesus.  How do we recognize the people around us who are marginalized by society?  Do we reach out to the hurting and broken?  How can we bring the healing power of Christ to those who need it most?