The Murder of Jesus

Words From the Cross

On Palm Sunday, many of the Jewish people were excited for an upcoming immediate change in their lives.  What Jesus had said as he was being crucified, however, changed some of their eternities.  We need to keep in mind the selflessness that Jesus showed in His final hours.  We need to look out for individuals we come across in our lives, rather than worry about the future - which is ultimately under God's control.

Judas and Peter

This week, Pastor Doug takes a look at two people in their prophesied betrayal of Jesus.  Judas had no hope after he realized what he had done.  Peter, on the other hand, sought forgiveness and was quick to get back to Jesus.

Our faith in Christ's goodness and sovereignty will determine how we repent.  Do we believe that we can fix our own problems?  Do we surrender our daily will to live the way He would have us live?  Do we realize that Christ has already worked out our salvation, and that we don't even have to fix our own problems?

Who Killed Jesus?

As we begin a new series that looks into the murder of Jesus, Pastor Ben takes us through the historical figures who were responsible.  He takes us through their motivations and shows us that we can be guilty of the same states of mind.  The message ends on the idea that God is in control of even the most dire of situations, and that we need to trust in His plan for eternity.