We Believe

What We Believe About the Church's Mission - Week 14

The world tells us that we are all naturally good people.  Scripture, however, tells us of our need for God’s grace to overcome our sinful natures. Individually, this grace gives us freedom from worrying about just ourselves.  As a church, we are called to show this grace to others, bring them into God’s family, and mature in loving and serving each other.

What We Believe About the Church - Week 12

This week, Pastor Doug discusses the role of the church.  We are to serve God in the capacities He has given to us.  To be proud or pitiful in our individual duties is to tell God that He has made a mistake.  God's plan is one of practical beauty.  The church, as a body of believers, is to be getting ready to be presented to Christ as a spotless and blameless bride.

What We Believe About Communion - Week 10

Traditions can serve to remind us of certain events and the importance they are to have on our lives.  Communion is a tradition we celebrate to bring our focus back to Jesus's sacrifice.  Pastor Ben walks us through the three-part communion service in which we believe.  Through all of these parts, we are to remember Christ's desire to have a relationship with us, His humility, and His sacrifice.

What We Believe About Salvation Week 9

The topic of salvation often conjures ideas of the goodness of Christ.  However, we don't often think of what it is that we are saved from.

This week, Hamilton George tells us that we are saved from death and the wrath of Almighty God.  We were given perfection and we chose to be outside of it.  God’s holy character demands consequence.  He, in His goodness, judges our sin righteously.  Salvation is a bridge back to Him from the suffering and death that we deserve.

What We Believe About Man Week 8

From the beginning of man's existence in creation, we have had the same nature.  We, like Adam and Eve, have been created in the image of God, we desire to control our own lives, and we often choose to be selfish over submitting to God's plan.

In Eden, we had ruined our first opportunity to be with God.  He has given us another choice to still be with Him.  We must still choose between His plan and our own.

What We Believe About the Holy Spirit - Week 6

Pastor Doug teaches us the role of the Holy Spirit as our Helper.  This role is to convict us of our sins so we will come to belief in Christ, remind us that we then have his righteousness, and to judge Satan.  Whether we seek to understand our need for a savior, seek encouragement, or seek a measurement of our productivity for God's plan, the Holy Spirit can provide us with the help we need.

What We Believe About the Life and Character of Jesus - Week 5

Jesus often faced large crowds with many demands - even as he was growing tired.  His first response was to show compassion.  He recognized that the people were like sheep without a shepherd.  How easily he could have become frustrated that they did not know who he was.

Jesus's example should lead us to take the day's circumstances as they are given to us, rather than growing anxious in how our schedules are broken.  We are to realize that Jesus surrendered his will for that of his Father's, and we are called to do the same.  Jesus's compassion for us as individuals should change how we prioritize our lives, our sacrifice, and our service to others.