Week 2

Becoming a Model

This week, Pastor Doug shows us that the church in Thessalonica had modeled themselves after Paul, as Paul was modeling himself after Christ.  In so doing, the church had gone through persecution, but had become known throughout the known world for turning away from idolatry and toward the one true God.  What idols do we have in our own lives that take our focus away from the Lord?  If we change what is in our hearts, the true fruits of the Spirit will show through.

Those Who Mourn

Matthew 5:4 is often used to comfort somebody who has lost a loved one.  This week, Pastor Ben teaches that the context for this verse should make us look at our own sin and realize the suffering it has caused.  This should make us mourn for ourselves and those we've hurt with our sin.  Jesus teaches that we are to take time to allow for healing.  This true healing can only come through repentance and seeking Christ.  We are blessed in this mourning because it causes humility and turns us toward a relationship with God.