Week 3

Not Only the Gospel

This week, Pastor Doug looks into the second chapter of 1 Thessalonians.  Paul begins by showing that we are all in the family of God.  As such, we know that we are not called to go through life alone.  Paul realized that he would have opposition and suffering as he presented the gospel, but the hope in Christ and the church would prove to help his ministry.

Judas and Peter

This week, Pastor Doug takes a look at two people in their prophesied betrayal of Jesus.  Judas had no hope after he realized what he had done.  Peter, on the other hand, sought forgiveness and was quick to get back to Jesus.

Our faith in Christ's goodness and sovereignty will determine how we repent.  Do we believe that we can fix our own problems?  Do we surrender our daily will to live the way He would have us live?  Do we realize that Christ has already worked out our salvation, and that we don't even have to fix our own problems?


This week, Pastor Doug takes a look at God's original intent for marriage.  As we choose sin in our lives, marriage becomes more and more difficult to navigate.  We need to look to God to lead us in how we are to live out our marriages, as they are meant to mirror the relationship within the Trinity.

The Story: Week 3 - Joseph

Joseph often was in circumstances when he wondered what God's plan was.  He was also in situations when he thought he had it figured out.  Joseph's story is an example of waiting on God's plan.  We may live to see why God has put us through tough times - or we may not.  Either way, to be with God is to know that He is in control.