Week 5


Pastor Doug takes us through the first eight verses of I Thessalonians Chapter 4.  This week, he challenges us to look at God's instruction on purity and holiness as guardrails to protect us from harm, rather than keep us from temporary pleasures on the other side.


The parable of the sower and the seeds is often used to prepare us for reactions that we will receive from people in the world when we try to show them to love of Jesus.  This week, Pastor Doug challenges us to examine our hearts as soil.  We need to be willing to put in the hard work to soften our hearts to be fruitful for Christ.

Words From the Cross

On Palm Sunday, many of the Jewish people were excited for an upcoming immediate change in their lives.  What Jesus had said as he was being crucified, however, changed some of their eternities.  We need to keep in mind the selflessness that Jesus showed in His final hours.  We need to look out for individuals we come across in our lives, rather than worry about the future - which is ultimately under God's control.

What We Believe About the Life and Character of Jesus - Week 5

Jesus often faced large crowds with many demands - even as he was growing tired.  His first response was to show compassion.  He recognized that the people were like sheep without a shepherd.  How easily he could have become frustrated that they did not know who he was.

Jesus's example should lead us to take the day's circumstances as they are given to us, rather than growing anxious in how our schedules are broken.  We are to realize that Jesus surrendered his will for that of his Father's, and we are called to do the same.  Jesus's compassion for us as individuals should change how we prioritize our lives, our sacrifice, and our service to others.