Week 6

We Outta Here!

The fourth chapter of 1 Thessalonians ends by referring to the rapture.  Many times, this event is used as a way to scare people into trusting in Christ.  Paul uses the rapture as a way to give hope to our day-to-day lives, and to motivate us into sharing the love of Christ with others.

Be a Leader

This week, Pastor Ben teaches what it means to take on the leadership roles that God has given to us.  While we may not have a formal position of leadership, we need to look around to see the people that look to us for guidance.  We need to take these relationships and steer people toward Christ.

The Peacemakers

Jesus tells us that we have a message of peace to take to the world. If we know who Jesus is and what he has done for us then we have an obligation to carry this message to the world. We're not to worry about the outcomes or responses from those who hear the message. Those are in God's control and our job is to just share what Christ has done. 

What We Believe About the Holy Spirit - Week 6

Pastor Doug teaches us the role of the Holy Spirit as our Helper.  This role is to convict us of our sins so we will come to belief in Christ, remind us that we then have his righteousness, and to judge Satan.  Whether we seek to understand our need for a savior, seek encouragement, or seek a measurement of our productivity for God's plan, the Holy Spirit can provide us with the help we need.