When we face the challenges in our lives, fear is a typical reaction that we have. Thanks be to our Father in Heaven who can give us peace in the face of our fears. We can have this peace because we know that God is in charge of our lives. Pastor Doug takes us through three scenarios where people could have been overcome by fear, but knew that God was with them. We can have this same peace when we trust that He is in control when things don’t make sense to us. We may not know His plan now - or in our lifetime, but we will know on the other side of eternity.


As we start into the Christmas season, Pastor Ben looks at the idea that we are to have hope in the coming of Christ. He takes us through the hope that the Old Testament prophets had as they wrote about His coming as a baby into our world. In a world with so much tragedy, is our hope also in Christ?


In the middle of the chaos in our lives between Halloween and Christmas is the holiday of Thanksgiving. We don’t only overlook it on the calendar, but we also overlook its meaning in our lives. Pastor Doug shows us the importance of giving thanks to God — even in the middle of tough times.

Be Present

Pastor Ben talks about redeeming a very present tool in our lives. He shows how our smart phones can be a distraction from the things that God may call us to. Instead, we are urged to keep in mind that our phones are gifts from God and that we should use them to His glory.


This week Pastor Doug explores addiction. Not necessarily the physical addictions that we regularly see and hear about, but the everyday addictions that we may not recognize in ourselves. Pastor Doug asks us to search our hearts to find out what we turn to and what we use to make ourselves feel better. And he asks us to take them to God, trust that He has the power to free us from that dependency and to trust in God’s plan.

If you are struggling with addiction and need help, we hope that you’ll reach out to the many great resources available. God has the power to heal our hearts and bodies, but sometimes we need professional support to treat physical sickness. Call, email or talk to us if you feel like you need help.


This week Ben Long continues our series Goliath Must Fall and takes a look at rejection. We all face some degree of rejection and desire acceptance. Pastor Ben encourages us to find our identity and value in God.