The most profound thing that we can do with the grace that has been given to us through Christ is to pass that grace to others and change their realities. We are much more effective working together than doing it on our own. Pastor Doug looks at three ingredients to successfully expressing grace. Where do you fit into this picture?

Holes In Your Foundation

Brad Dayton takes us through what it means to love somebody. It is easy to say we love Jesus, but what does that look like? How would somebody else know that we love Jesus? If we don’t do the things for Christ that we do with others that we love, how well do we really love Him?

Real Places, Real People, Real Faith

Pastor Doug takes us again to the historical facts in Israel. This week, he discusses the evidence of who Jesus and Pilate were. Doug teaches that all of these things can be seen as real history, but mean nothing without faith in Jesus as the promised Messiah.

Conform Or Transform

This week, Pastor Doug teaches us that it may be easy to conform to the whims of not only the world around us, but even to the norms and traditions of church functions. Rather, we are called to allow the Holy Spirit to transform us to the perfect will of God.

Stop the Bleeding

Pastor Doug shares with us the experience of being in Israel and in the exact locations of described in the Bible. Being in those places and understanding the truth of those stories, Doug challenges us to live our lives in a way that reflects those truths and make the commitment to be fully following God.



This week, Pastor Doug takes us through the idea of raising children to have honor. We can teach children how to behave, but the behavior will not last if it is not rooted. Honor is the root that is needed to live a life to show love and respect toward others, and to love God with all that we are.

Connecting Reality With Eternity

Events throughout life naturally connect our present reality and the eternal nature of God. Looking at the intertwined lives of John the Baptist and Jesus can give us a glimpse of some of the defining moments in their relationship. How can we utilize the reality of a situation today to point us to eternity?

Memorial Stones

This week, Pastor Doug looks into how God instructs His people to memorialize His love and care at pivotal moments throughout their lives. These markers will also help orient us to the world around us.